Abortion Recovery

By age 45, three in ten women in the United States has had at least one abortion – many women suffer silently in self-contempt and fear the judgment of others.


Abortion is supposed to be a “quick solution,“ but that “solution” can have lasting effects.  Some experience low self-esteem, difficulty sleeping, depression, eating disorders, increased drug/alcohol use or even have thoughts of suicide.


If you are experiencing hurts like these, there is hope for healing. PEACE Ministry offers a non-judgmental, confidential environment in which you will find counseling, acceptance and support from women or men who have experienced these hurts and have found healing and peace.

PEACE Ministry exists to help women and men who have suffered the physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual trauma from abortion find forgiveness, freedom and healing through Jesus Christ.


We minister with complete confidentiality through the use of Support Groups, Bible Studies, Personal Testimonies, Speaking Engagements and Media while broadening our outreach by networking with Community and Church Organizations, Pastors, Women's Groups and those who are transparent about their abortion experience.


Our goals are not only to support those in need of recovery from the trauma of abortion, but also to raise awareness in our area churches about issues related to abortion recovery and of the need to provide a safe, healing environment for those who have been hurt by abortion. 

"Where there was once despair, there can be hope. Where there was shame,

there can be freedom.  Where there was once pain, there can be peace."

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