our mission

. . . to be the first choice for women facing

unplanned pregnancy

our vision

"The thief enters only to steal, kill, and destroy. I came so that they could have life-indeed, so that they could live life to the fullest."  

John 10:10(CEB) 

Options Now is a dynamic, thriving, God-focused, financially-strong, highly-respected organization which is essential to the success and health of the churches and communities it serves. It enables men, women & children to live lives of abundance and through that abundance to serve others. 

1. Seventy-five percent of the men & women we serve become productive members of their community within 2 years and are actively involved in volunteering, mentoring, ministry work and giving back to Options Now clients, their churches and their communities. 

2. We actively mentor & counsel a number of men proportionate to 90% of the women served by Options Now (approximately 550 men annually). 

3. Peace Ministry offers 25 bible studies annually with an average of 10 women in each study. 

4. Options Now/Arms of Love Ministries operates a maternity home where mothers-to-be learn life and parenting skills in order that they will be able to offer abundant, healthy homes to their children & families. 

5. All members of the Options Now family (board, staff, volunteers) are highly trained and committed to excellence in counseling, mentoring, discipling, financial accountability, and creating a professional & highly respected culture. 

6. Options Now receives enough money in donations, grants and other funding to easily support a full-time staff of 12-15 and maintain an operating budget of well over one million dollars. 

7. Options Now tithes monthly on all monies received. 

8. Because of the tremendous support of donors & other funding sources, Options Now is able to offer all employees competitive salaries and great health, dental, and vision benefits. 

9. All of the Options Now financial transactions, bookkeeping and donor tracking are done in a highly accountable, highly accurate manner.

10.The physical locations where Options Now operates are clean, professional, well-maintained and furnished in an up-to-date professional manner. 

11. Options Now makes effective use of the latest technology, in order to establish itself as a professional, well run organization. 

12. Options Now is involved in the middle schools, high schools and colleges of all the communities it serves through mentoring, abstinence training and other avenues as they are identified. The local schools are huge proponents of Options Now and actively seek us out for resources and guidance.  

13. Options Now provides presentations at CareNet Conferences and other venues annually to share what God is doing through this thriving ministry.

14. Area churches actively seek to partner with Options Now because of the hugely positive impact that this partnership has on their church bodies. 

15. Options Now is a training ground for aspiring nurses, counselors, seminary students and others that God leads to us.